Save Life Foundation is all about “saving lives”. Save Life Foundation is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies. Save Life Foundation works diligently to establish technological concepts that help society as a whole.

We are a social enterprise that strives through learning and hard work to provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

We aim to be completely transparent. Your donations will be used for the patient you have chosen. On our donation website, we share the patients’ hospital bills and quotations, and provides update regarding the patients’ treatment from time to time. In cases of gifts, we provide complete transparency so that the donor is aware that each penny is spent on that needy person.

All the cases that are uploaded on the website are verified by the team before they are publicly announced. We carry out background checks on the patients, and our team even visit them to make sure that the case is genuine.

We have tagged cases that are Zakat applicable. 

We aim to provide free of cost services to disabled and deprived classes, especially in poverty stricken areas and those in need. To create, facilitate and strengthen civil society groups and networks for promoting trust and collaboration among citizens.

Yes, we can collect cash or cheque from your doorstep.