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Donate for Anabia’s hydrocephalous treatment!

A 2 year old cute girl, Anabia, is suffering from hydrocephalous. She is currently in Shah Medical Centre Karachi. The

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$1,214 Goal
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Karachi, Pakistan
Waseela Shakeel

Liver Cancer and Insulinoma Tumor Treatment for Waseela Shakeel

Waseela and her family are in desperate need for your help. Your donation can bring Waseela back to life and ease her

$1,871 Raised 8.71%
$21,485 Goal
47 Days to Go
Islamabad, Pakistan

Thalassemia Patients Fund

We need your support to help Thalassemia children in Pakistan.

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$1,500 Goal
42 Days to Go
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Thatta Medical Camp 2018

Team SaveLife conducted a free-of-cost Medical Camp on the 18th of March 2018 in Thatta, Sindh. The primary aim of

$3,700 Raised 103.08%
$3,589 Goal
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Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan

Save Thar Campaign

It’s an untold story of adversity which they face  everyday, every minute and every second. Join hands to fight

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$5,025 Goal
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Thar, Sindh, Pakistan