Empowering the poor & financing medical treatments

We aim to help the deprived and the poor classes with its global fundraising network, where we will be collecting and financing cases, in a completely automated and transparent way.

We are changing the way of making things possible.

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How we are helping the community

Committed to providing free of cost medical treatments and support to deprived.

Every day, a great many individuals – individuals simply like you – give humane consideration to those in need. Our system of generous donors and volunteers share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering all type of suffering, here at home and all around the globe. We are resolved to be a consistent life saver to one's lives, bringing smiles that merit a thousand words.

You can put complete trust in us for every penny that you donate

Your single rupee donation can make a difference in one’s life. There are thousands of cases that require our support, yet we are not able to support of all them. Help us in whatever capacity you can.

We aim to be completely transparent. Your donations will be used for the patient you have chosen. On our donation website, we share the patients’ hospital bills and quotations, and provides update regarding the patients’ treatment from time to time. In cases of gifts, we provide complete transparency so that the donor is aware that each penny is spent on that needy person.

  • When a donor donates for a surgery of specific patient, his/her personal dashboard is created on Save Life Fundraisers web site. On the dashboard, donors can keep record of the entire donation amount and the patient to whom they donate.
  • After the surgery of that patient to whom donor has donated, they receive first follow-up regarding the patient’s condition right after the surgery. After a few days, donor receives 2nd follow-up about how the patient is doing and has he resumed his daily activities or not.
  • Lastly, all the patient’s medical bills and reports are uploaded on the web sites for everyone to see. This is how people are assured that we are actually funding the surgeries of poor people with the help of donations.

Complete Transparency!

Maintaining transparency and gaining the trust of donors is one of the priorities of our organization. We try to satisfy the donors in every possible way we can. There are many donors who donate for a number of times to our patients and that’s because they put trust in us and we’ll continue to satisfy both our needy patients and the donors without whom our mission would not be possible. You can put complete trust in us for every penny that you donate. As a matter of fact, we update our website regularly regarding the cases, and you can contact us any time, if you have any queries regarding our fundraising network.